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Episerver - the perfect CMS solution for your business

Joe Stubbs
Lead Web Developer

With the wide range of CMS’s available it’s not an easy or obvious choice which one best suits your business. From our recent experience one CMS seems to be moving ahead of the competition. 


Episerver helps create customer-centric experiences with a best-in-class CMS, robust commerce and advanced personalisation, a genuinely seamless coming together of content and commerce. You can tell your brand or product story AND sell your product (should you wish).

The CMS offers a solution where site editors can manage page content right alongside commerce without going down the route of a “frankensite” - a site built on multiple add-ons and plugins.  Current users of the Episerver platform are Absolut Vodka, Mazda, Pizza Hut, Metro Bank, Farrow & Ball and The Jockey Club.

Episerver’s main offering is three core pillars, CMS, commerce and personalisation.  Below are some of the features that help make it compelling:

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1. Personalisation

Personalisation powered by AI can lead to product and content recommendations that give a personalised experience to each user.  The AI behind the scenes can automatically predict the interests and intent of every individual leading to delivery of hyper-relevant and engaging content.  

Much the same with products in commerce, AI can be used to increase upsells and cross-sells. Customer experience is not simply transactional but can offer conversion though a personalised brand experience. Customers now have expectations on how well a brand should know them. Brands should show an understanding of a customer and not just show a new user the same content as a returning customer.  

Mazda CX3


2. Episerver search & navigation

Search can be such a pain point on a website, with everyone accustomed to Google, users expect a similar site experience.  Without good search, content can remain in the depths of a website without users ever being connected to it. Episerver search and navigation is an enterprise level search solution that helps customers find what they want faster.  Features include autocomplete, related queries and behavioural ranking. Personalisation can then help assist search and return tailored results and rankings for each user.


3. Triggered messages

Triggered messages can send users personalised emails and messages triggered by real time events.  By using Episerver artificial intelligence to personalise recommendations and content, users will receive more appropriate messages.

Triggered Messages

4. Analytics

Analytics can provide a complete overview of visitor behaviour.  The capability automatically captures visitor data to provide insights on individual visits, customer segments and buying journeys.


5. Cloud offering

Cloud offering is Episerver’s hosting solution.  Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, providing scalability, super high speed, robust security and a managed service with export support all come with the offering.


6. Artificial intelligence

AI is at the core of the Episerver platform and really helps tailor the experience for the user, leading to the ultimate user experience that is personalised around them.  This is key, as it can lead to up-sells, conversions and cross-sells, as well as a user experience that will keep people coming back.

Artificial Intelligence

Episerver gives a digital project the base needed to deliver an enterprise level solution with the design, ux and build suited to the content and your site’s users.  Equally it can be deployed as a headless CMS which means apps and external media can benefit while using Episerver’s core offerings.

So is Episerver the right choice for your business?  It provides a world class CMS system that’s easy to use and gives developers and designers the chance to create great websites.  A strong commerce offering can amplify any web store's presence, offering commerce solutions for a £30,000 car to single items of clothing.  Having a CMS and commerce core offering and then combining with personalisation can lead to engaged users and would keep users returning. It’s the perfect solution for any growing or enterprise business.  

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