Is it time to optimise your marketer experience?

Rosie Stano
Partner & Marketing Manager
So you’ve collected data at every customer touchpoint, analysed your customer behaviour, defined (and redefined) your personas, launched an experimentation programme – you’ve even aligned your marketing and product teams. Congratulations! So what’s next?


As you learn more about your customers and their inherent wants and needs from your digital products, it’s inevitable that your content and personalisation strategy will become increasingly further complex, more comprehensive and harder to manage.

Add into the mix new hybrid and remote working patterns and an increase in the number of assets that need to be managed as brands go digital-first, and it’s no wonder that the standard marketing workflow for content planning and delivery is outdated. Indeed 75% of an average marketer’s day is filled with, well, “work about work”.

To address this time imbalance, marketers need to define more efficient processes to manage campaigns, collaborate with other departments on content creation and track the performance of their marketing efforts. 

And this is where Welcome comes in – a content marketing solution that streamlines marketing workflows and enables marketers to refocus their time on the activities that will ultimately drive their business forward.

What is Welcome?

Welcome is a hybrid of three core marketing platforms: (1) content marketing platform (CMP); (2) marketing resource management (MRM); (3) digital asset management (DAM). All three platforms combined enable marketers to create content, plan and track campaigns and manage digital assets. 

In December 2021, Optimizely announced their acquisition of Welcome, and their roadmap to integrate Welcome into their suite of DXP products.



What does Welcome offer marketing, digital and product teams?

Welcome empowers marketers to rapidly launch campaigns, optimise their interactions with customers, and leverage the Optimizely DXP to deliver outstanding and frictionless customer experiences – at scale – and throughout the entire customer lifecycle. 

Like Optimizely who have established themselves as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for DXPs for several consecutive years, Welcome is recognised by Gartner as a Leader in Content Marketing Platforms (CMP).

As an Optimizely partner, we’re excited to see how this can help our clients to improve their marketing efficiencies, and these increased benefits to marketers and content collaborators further cements why Optimizely should make the shortlist of any business looking to re-platform their CMS or DXP. 


Confused about the best platform to meet your customer and business needs? Book a free technical enablement workshop and our team of experts will assess your technical landscape to provide you with rapid recommendations and a roadmap for longer-term evolution.

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