Is it time to migrate from Sitecore?

Adam Davey
Director of Technology
As digital landscapes evolve and the pace of innovation accelerates, Sitecore users are facing numerous challenges that are prompting them to consider alternative, modern and flexible CMS platforms.

Sitecore has continued to drop in leading analyst reports from Gartner and Forrester, and in numerous customer reviews due to its high operational complexity, over-reliance on development input and high total cost of ownership. 

With Sitecore ceasing investment in XP, many customers who are on older versions such as Sitecore 9 face an impending lack of support or a complex and costly upgrade to the new XM Cloud solution.

Here are some key reasons we are hearing from businesses why they might be reconsidering re-platforming away from Sitecore to more modern CMS and DXP alternatives like Optimizely or Contentful:

1. Performance Concerns

Sitecore, while powerful, can sometimes struggle with performance issues, especially for complex implementations. If your Sitecore website is experiencing slow load times or frequent crashes, it could be damaging your brand image and user experience. Remember, over 50% of users abandon a website if it doesn't load within two seconds.

Platforms like Optimizely and Contentful offer modern, cloud-native architectures that can provide superior performance and scalability, ensuring your website stays fast and responsive even during high-traffic periods.


2. User Experience Limitations

As user expectations evolve, Sitecore might not always keep pace with the latest UX trends. If you're finding it challenging to deliver contemporary, intuitive user experiences through Sitecore, it might be time to explore alternatives.

Optimizely, for instance, offers robust experimentation and personalization features out-of-the-box, allowing you to continually optimise your user experience. Contentful's headless architecture provides the flexibility to deliver content across multiple channels and devices, ensuring a consistent and modern user experience.


3. Content Editor Frustrations

Sitecore's interface can be complex for content editors, potentially leading to delays in campaign launches and content updates. If your marketing team is struggling with the platform, it's worth considering more user-friendly alternatives.

Both Optimizely and Contentful offer intuitive, streamlined interfaces for content editors. Contentful's content-first approach and Optimizely's easy-to-use page builder can significantly improve your team's efficiency and reduce time-to-market for new content.


4. Integration Challenges

As businesses grow, the need for seamless integrations becomes crucial. If Sitecore is limiting your ability to connect with essential tools and services, it might be holding your business back.

Optimizely and Contentful both offer extensive integration capabilities. Contentful's API-first approach makes it particularly easy to integrate with a wide range of tools and services, while Optimizely provides a rich ecosystem of pre-built integrations.


5. Scalability Issues

For businesses experiencing rapid growth, Sitecore's scalability might become a bottleneck. If your platform struggles during high-traffic periods or can't easily accommodate increasing customer demand, it's time to consider alternatives.

Both Optimizely and Contentful offer cloud-native solutions designed for scalability. They can handle traffic spikes and growing content needs without requiring significant infrastructure investments.


6. Security Concerns

If you're finding that Sitecore's security updates are infrequent or inadequate for your needs, it could be putting your business at risk. Modern platforms like Optimizely and Contentful prioritise security, offering regular updates and robust security features to protect your content and customer data.


7. Operational Inefficiencies

Maintaining and updating a Sitecore installation can be resource-intensive. If your team is spending more time managing the platform than innovating and improving your digital experiences, it's worth exploring more efficient alternatives.

Optimizely and Contentful both offer managed services that can significantly reduce your operational overhead. This allows your team to focus on creating great content and experiences rather than maintaining infrastructure.


In conclusion, while Sitecore has been a popular choice for many enterprises, the rapidly evolving digital landscape may require a more agile, user-friendly, and scalable solution. Platforms like Optimizely and Contentful offer modern alternatives that can address many of the pain points Sitecore users face, potentially leading to improved performance, better user experiences, and increased operational efficiency.

Remember, the best platform choice depends on your specific needs and use cases. It's worth thoroughly evaluating your options to ensure you select the platform that best aligns with your business goals and digital strategy.