How the launch of Studio benefits Contentful users

Rosie Stano
Senior Product Consultant
As one of the market leading content platforms, Contentful are empowering digital teams to create fast, scalable and highly performant content experiences. However, many headless platforms have lacked adequate editorial control and haven’t been the easiest for digital marketers to use.

To bridge this gap, Contentful recently announced the launch of Studio – an add-on that allows digital teams to better self-serve and increase their autonomy with digital content production.


How it works

To get started, a design system is created in Contentful Studio. Front end design templates and individual components can then be saved and reused. This gives marketers the flexibility to create digital experiences without code or needing development input, increasing speed to market. 

Less reliance on development resource to make simple content changes means marketers can launch new content faster, and your internal or agency partner development teams can focus on other key priorities such as delivering strategic roadmap items.

To maintain brand consistency, Studio can be configured to ensure any new content launched adheres to digital brand guidelines. Design decisions can be defined across components, patterns and experiences. You can restrict individual properties that can be changed in a given component by different user types. For instance, you could allow content editors to change the copy in a certain component but not the font or colour of the text.

The best part? Once a component and its restrictions have been created and defined, this can be reused across your entire digital ecosystem that Contentful powers – allowing for maximum reusability and scalability.


Our verdict

Coupled with Contentful Live Preview – a new feature on the platform which allows content editors to view content in-real time across web and mobile, while making content changes directly alongside – we think Contentful Studio is a great feature for brands looking to scale their digital experience and empower their editorial teams.

Candyspace’s Lead Web Developer, Craig Wheatley, demonstrates Live Preview in our Contentful updates video below:


Interested to find out more about Contentful Studio and whether it’s right for your business or for support in designing and building reusable front end design templates, speak to our team of product experts.

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