How going headless can drive growth for your business

Catherine Mitchell
Marketing Executive
Is the process of evaluating CMSs giving you more of a headache than a clear solution for your business and customers?

Candyspace’s latest report, Where’s your head at? A complete guide to headless content management, cuts through the noise and debunks common myths around headless, exploring the specific use cases for when losing your head can benefit your business.

A headless CMS provides a more modern approach to content management, promoting flexibility, agility and multi-channel delivery by severing the link between content management and presentation. Operating as separate systems, the front and back end are connected via APIs, allowing versatile content delivery, regardless of device.


How headless content helps businesses head in the right direction

Identifying the right digital solution for your business can be difficult. 

Whether you want to innovate but feel that legacy technology is holding you back, or you struggle to manage content across multiple CMSs, a headless CMS can help you to better align your business needs with ever-changing customer expectations.

A headless CMS empowers marketers to embrace the COPE principle: Create Once, Publish Everywhere.

Through the endless reusability of content facilitated by a structured headless CMS, manual tasks become obsolete. Editing becomes easier and modifications to copy or images in one central location can be applied and delivered across platforms and devices at the click of a button, as back-end content is not tied to a specific presentation layer.


When to use a headless CMS

Traditional CMS solutions work for small businesses with simple needs, but headless can increase efficiency and save time and money for businesses across key channels, including websites, e-commerce solutions and mobile apps.

No business is totally future proof, but you can be future-ready. Technology leaders should ask where real value lies and what systems best suit the needs of their business and are they providing their customers with an experience that meets their expectations. Whatever your business needs, don’t bury your head in the sand about exploring the potential of going headless.

Download your complimentary copy of the report for full insights.

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