Getting the most out of your e-commerce

Martin Brierley
Creative Partner

With so many brands going direct to consumer for the first time in the light of their rapid post-Covid digital transformations, it’s a good time to reflect on the best tools for the job; how to maximise the opportunity for those D2C brands new to the e-comm market, and how to optimise for those already in it.

Deciding which platform, from the very many offerings out there, can seem bewildering. Marrying those options to the maturity of your business, your business needs, your anticipated scale, and of course the demands of your customers, can be mesmerising.

At Candyspace we are partnering with BigCommerce to make that decision making easier for you.

BigCommerce offer a bundled Open SaaS solution which is one of the most advanced in the marketplace, affording your business enterprise grade functionality and scale, customisation, personalisation and ease of use. Their recent acquisition of Feedonomics ensures their place at the top table of e-comm solutions.

Bringing the data feed specialists onboard is a clear indication of BigCommerce’s ambition and understanding of delivering value. Feedonomics is a leading data feed management platform listing products everywhere customers shop online and by so doing delivering transparency of ROAS.

Here are three clear reasons why BigCommerce should be your goto e-comm solution and what makes the platform the most powerful one in the eCommerce sphere.


Ease of use

With an easy-to-use interface, BigCommerce provides the most intuitive dashboard for managing products, orders, and returns. Your customers will have advanced filtering options based on brands, categories, reviews, pricing, etc. Features like ‘Quick Search Bar’ come out of the box and let you easily access and manage your products.


Headless integrations

As a headless platform BigCommerce is built to facilitate the integration of a vast array of third party tools. The ‘plug and play’ functionality means your store will always be equipped with the latest and best functionalities for your business and your clients.



Handling volumes of customers is the bread and butter of BigCommerce. The customer-centric platform allows you to segment your customers into different customer groups based on the pricing, promotions, product access, and curate your store information tailored to the customer groups.

You can rapidly scale your business easily across borders, reaching new audiences with omnichannel commerce anywhere in the world.


At Candyspace we believe BigCommerce is the perfect platform on which to build you e-comm offering.

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