How CRO can drive growth for your business

Catherine Mitchell
Marketing Executive
The world of CRO is changing dramatically. With long-trusted tools like Google Optimize and Oracle Maxymiser sunsetting, many marketers may be considering how to pivot their experimentation and CRO strategies to get the most our of their customer data.

In Candyspace’s latest report - Getting the most out of CRO: A guide for marketers - we explore key trends in experimentation and how brands can overhaul their CRO strategies to drive growth.

Included are expert insights from CRO leaders at NatWest, Currys, Hawes & Curtis and Clothes2Order, and how CRO is delivering value for their businesses, plus a feature on Mazda's optimisation programme.

Download the report to:

  • Explore new ways CRO can help you drive revenue, improve customer loyalty and increase repeat purchase.
  • Discover the cost-saving benefits CRO can deliver from lowering customer acquisition costs to reducing operational overheads.
  • Uncover CRO strategies to shorten sales cycles and improve conversion at key stages of your online customer journey to supercharge your lead generation efforts.
  • Mitigate risk through adopting an 'experiment-first 'mindset and re-focus your internal teams on developing new product features that are proven to increase conversion.
  • Learn how marketers can get ahead of the changes to Google Optimize and Oracle Maxymiser.

Download your complimentary copy of the report for full insights.