CX Conversations: The Streaming 100

Alex Banham
Marketing Executive
OTT video, music, gaming, social, sports, editorials and arts and culture... Streaming has expanded beyond traditional video and music, and now it's a battle for our attention. But what puts a streaming platform on top?

Watch our recent webinar on-demand where we joined OTT Consultant and streaming expert, Kauser Kanji to discuss the findings of The Streaming 100 report as we take a deep dive into the top streaming services, why they're so popular, how video compares against other streaming platforms, and how we objectively measured the services in the report.

You can also catch Candyspace at OTT Question Time Live, where we'll be sharing more insights from ITVX, The Streaming 100, and more. 

Stream the full interview below or find us on Spotify.


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