Candyspace fully certified in Optimizely Experimentation

Catherine Mitchell
Marketing Executive
We’re delighted to announce that two members of the Candyspace team recently completed training to become Optimizely Certified Experts. 

Senior Web Developer, Jamie Rushbrook recently completed Optimizely’s Experimentation Web Platform Expert Certification. Experimentation web platform experts are responsible for using information and data to implement and manage experimentation and best practices across platforms. 

Additionally, Experimentation Consultant, Louise Godwin has also completed the Optimizely Experimentation Strategist Certification. Experimentation strategists use experimentation to optimise their web presence to contribute towards business goals.


Optimizely is the market leading digital experience platform, combining science and creativity to create digital experiences that adapt to market changes. 

At Candyspace, we've partnered with Optimizely to add a human layer to digital experience design to support clients such as Mazda and Baringa. Our team of experts work closely with our clients to ensure that customer and business needs sit at the heart of every decision.

Optimizely’s Certification exams provide role-based certifications which help to showcase participants’ expert knowledge and skill set. 

We're also proud to announce we've been awarded Optimizely's 2023 Most Customer Centric Culture award for our work with Mazda at Opticon London. This award recognises the brand and agency working in partnership to create a digital experience that drives customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy, and best demonstrates collaboration across multiple departments by using Optimizely.

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