4 ways to drive data-informed digital experiences

Rosie Stano
Partnerships Manager

“As the digital outcome gap widens, traditional businesses are losing market share to new entrants”, stated Alex Atzberger, Optimizely CEO, at the annual Opticon 2021 event.

He highlights the fact that despite the recent seismic shift in the digitisation of online services, many businesses are still at risk from falling further behind their competitors if they don’t adapt to their customers’ changing needs and preferences. And herein lies Optimizely’s mission - to enable businesses to rapidly adapt and pivot from guesswork to making data-informed business decisions.

It’s a mission we’re closely aligned with at Candyspace given our deep expertise in empowering traditional organisations with complex business needs to rapidly go to market and create human-centric digital experiences.

Here our team outline their key takeaways from Opticon 2021 and what they’re most excited about in the year ahead with our DXP partner, Optimizely.

Adopting a test and learn mindset

“As businesses need to shift from creating digital experiences based upon guesswork and opinion, Optimizely’s advanced experimentation offering enables creative, marketing and digital product teams to embrace an internal culture of experimentation.

“I see great value in delivering services in an iterative way, continually validating product and design innovations with customers throughout the entire digital product life cycle, and the role Optimizely plays in accelerating this.”

- Jonathan Kelly, Director of Experience Design


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Creating a single source of ‘data truth’

“The modern DXP needs to be both powerful and flexible, with a single source of data truth powering its multitude of rich capabilities without sacrificing composability. To help businesses maximise the data they hold across their entire organisation and advance in digital maturity along their ‘path to potential’, Optimizely have launched a new Data Core Service (powered by AWS).

“The Data Core Service will unify a multitude of data sources from across a business’ entire digital ecosystem and into the Optimizely Data Platform (CDP) to supercharge experimentation, content performance, customer profiling, commerce and more. This allows businesses to gain a single customer view and enables them to better understand the needs of their customers and how their business is performing through advanced dashboards and analytics tools.

“The Data Core Service behaves like an open data warehouse: it enables businesses to harmonise, understand and act upon their data insights, while putting the power of data back into the hands of customers.

“It’s evident that Optimizely are laser focused on providing a powerful set of tools to drive optimal business outcomes, and the Data Core Service offering empowers customers to go even further and faster on this path.”

- Adam Davey, Director of Technology


Delivering continuous value for clients

“Optimizely has enabled our client, Mazda, to adapt to changing market environments across its digital ecosystem and combines an easy-to-use CMS with bespoke functionality. The process of researching and configuring a car as well as the crucial step to taking a test drive are made simple and intuitive across desktop and mobile devices.

“Optimizely helps ensure Mazda can keep content relevant and streamlined, allowing adaptation for particular local market needs and the flexibility to showcase new models and updates to top of the range features quickly and seamlessly.

“It’s great to see Optimizely’s vision and future roadmap set to enable Mazda to deliver an outstanding user experience, ultimately driving customer engagement and sales where it matters most.”

- Alice Garland, Head of Client Services


Delivering truly individualised customer experience at scale

“For several years we’ve heard that data is the fuel to power personalised digital experience. Given the demise of third party cookies, collecting the right first party data and being able to drive actionable insights from this is a highly relevant issue for many businesses.

“The combination of Optimizely’s advanced CDP and experimentation offerings is set to be game-changing for businesses looking to move from delivering personalised to truly individualised customer experience at scale.

- Rosie Stano, Partner Manager


To discuss how your business can pivot from guesswork to adapting to your customers, or to speak more about your DXP technology investment, speak with our Digital Product Consultant, Josh Rudofsky.